Furnace/Heater Repair

Furnace or Heater repair can be the result of anything from not changing a filter to replacing a

thermostat improperly. Though some repairs are easy to do and can be easily accomplished by the

homeowner, extensive repairs are best left to the professionals. If your HVAC system is under ten years

old and is installed and maintained properly typically the issues tend to be small and inexpensive to fix.

Older heaters tend to have larger more complicated issues. Our Diagnostic technicians are well prepared to

repair almost any furnace breakdown on the spot. We have well stocked vans and are very knowledgeable

when it comes to heater repair. 

Furnace Maintenance
Maintaining your furnace is essential to ensuring it lasts a long time and continues to run in the most efficient and

in the safest manner possible. It is advisable that you schedule a furnace maintenance appointment at least once a year.

A furnace Tune-up includes  air filter, fan and pilot light checks, a complete safety inspection and more. 

 Every San Antonio homeowner/ business owner will have to deal with furnace/heater breakdowns at some point or another. It is the not-so-fun part of property ownership. Heating troubleshooting and repair can be simple and easy to do yourself but often a smaller issue can be an indicator that there could be a bigger problem. FRIO Air Conditioning & Refrigeration is here to provide expert diagnosis, and up front pricing at affordable rates. If your home's or busines' heating system should break down or stop working properly, it is important to have an HVAC service company you can trust to perform the heater repair work you need quickly and at an affordable price.

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Furnace Installation and Replacement
Unlike repair and maintenance, furnace replacement and installation, requires plenty of heavy lifting and technical expertise. A furnace that is not installed correctly can be the cause of ongoing problems and greatly affect your comfort, your pocket and your safety. Our HVAC technicians are well-versed on all the different types of furnaces and brands and

will get the job done right the first time. We have total confidence that we have the right teams in place to be careful in your home, considerate of your space and thoughtful when it comes to the details.

Heat Pump Repair
You should always have a professional contractor repair and service your heat pump. Attempting to adjust and fix major issues yourself is not advisable due to the system’s complexity. High voltage can also make servicing a heat pump dangerous and can lead to electrocution if all necessary safety measures have not been taken. Repairs also need to meet Federal regulations so these tasks are best left to the pros.

Heat Pump Maintenance
The proper maintenance of your heat pump cannot be stressed enough. A heat pump that is not properly and regularly maintained you could end up costing you in the long run. There are certain things you can take care of yourself (e.g., cleaning the filter and ensuring that there is nothing blocking the airflow) and others that require professional help.

Heat Pump Installation and Replacement
If your heat pump is experiencing major issues and you have owned your unit for over 10 years, it is probably a good time to replace it. Replacement is best done by HVAC contractors that have extensive experience replacing and installing all different types and brands and can efficiently troubleshoot any issues that can come up during the process.

Most Common Causes of Heater Breakdown

Lack of maintenance – not maintaining your furnace and not performing annual tune-ups can cause unexpected breakdowns that can affect your home’s comfort and raise your monthly energy bills.

Issues with the furnace pilot or ignition control.

Dirty filters clogged up by dust that can affect your HVAC system’s air flow and once again lower

your home’s/business' air quality and affect your comfort.

Air flow issues caused by belts, bearings and fan motors, that can in turn cause your furnace to overheat and affect its heating controls.

Thermostat malfunctions and breakdowns.

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