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                                                FRIO Air Conditioning & Refrigeration offers a maintenance club program designed to help you prevent un-necessary breakdowns through the year. Our club membership is designed to keep your Furnace and Air Conditioner running smoothly all year long and lasting as long as possible. When you think about your HVAC System we encourage you to think of it just like you would a vehicle. It is an investment in your home you can not afford to ignore. The inner working parts of your Furnace and Air Conditioner are complex, just like a car, something as simple as neglecting to change your oil can lead to bigger more complicated repairs. As a FRIO Maintenance Club Client we do our very best to be proactive in scheduling seasonal tune-up’s for your Furnace and your Air Conditioner. Aside from you changing your air filter monthly, as we recommend, you can be virtually worry free when you become a member of our service club.

Benefits you can expect from our maintenance club membership are: 

HVAC Maintenance
  At FRIO Air Conditioning & Refrigeration we set ourselves apart from the typical HVAC maintenance. When we send a technican to your home we don’t just offer a surface cleaning and system check that can be performed by the property owner. We offer a comprehensive yearly maintenance tune-up performed by a qualified HVAC technician. A seasonal system tune up is recommended to be performed during the time when seasons and temperatures change. A Preventative HVAC maintenance appointment with one of our technicians is a thorough cleaning, calibration and inspection. We also check the efficiency of the system as a whole and inspect the ventilation part of the system to ensure that there are no blockages that are affecting air flow. With regular maintenance you can increase the performance and efficiency of your system year round and minimize the chance of breakdowns.

HVACmeans Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. It is a system that combines all of the modern methods of residential and commercial climate control. The most popular type is the central HVAC system which is used to provide the temperature control and provides a more convenient and quieter alternative to conventional methods. FRIO Air Conditioning & Refrigeration offers a variety of residential and commercial HVAC maintenance options for clients with systems of all ages.

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 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

To request pricing information or learn more about our club membership please give us a call or fill out our contact form. 

 When you are ready to schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment, be sure it is done by a reputable HVAC company with the all the right tools and experience. It is quite an involved process that requires compliance with all necessary regulations and standards. Proper maintenance does not only ensure your comfort, but also your safety.

Two seasonal system tune-ups per year, including safety inspection during each visit 

Uphold manufacturer warranties by meeting maintenance requirements

Discounted dispatch fee

Discount on all repairs, parts and cleaning

Cleaner, healthier air for your family

Regular maintenance will likely reduce your utility bill impact